An ambitious attempt to unite those who hold a firm belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
United in the essentials of the faith, open to discussion of the non-essentials and loving one another in the process.

Believer’s Forum has been in our minds for years and is finally a reality! Welcome to our Online Christian Community and Christian Forum.

We have trusted that God wanted this to happen for several years, but knew that only in His timing would it come together at just the time when we were ready to implement our vision.

About nine months ago I was watching a YouTube video featuring a Christian praise group singing a powerful song. The song had many followers but someone had just written a comment below that I – unfortunately – read. It stated something to the effect that these people were more harmful to the church than abortion. The comment was so hateful that I nearly threw up. I decided to respond, making the point about how unloving and damaging the comment was.

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I realized that such unloving statements fill the internet these days, even among those who claim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The so called anonymity of the internet has made people bolder in showing a side that can’t be shown in the brick and mortar world of church fellowship.

John17-typo-verseI went to my prayer closet and cried. I cried for the lack of unity in the body of Christ. I cried for the seemingly insurmountable task of trying to bring the body that Jesus prayed would be one (John 17) into any kind of agreement with that prayer.

I realized that true unity would only come when Jesus returns, but I also knew that we had no right to live in this divided and oftentimes hateful way with one another. So, I felt a call to do what little I could do to seek a remedy.

I know that dialogue and communication don’t always unite, but nothing works better outside of supernatural healing. I have a goal of bringing people from various perspectives (within the evangelical framework) into one place where they can share their views and discuss ideas, resulting in unity. That is the goal and mission of Believer’s Forum.

One “rule” that we are imposing on this site will be implemented from the start: we won’t allow comments from non-members, and we are not going to publish comments written with venom or a lack of love. Therefore, all comments from members are welcome, but they will be read before they are published.

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We have within our own small network of church and family believers a pretty diverse group. So, we will start with you and hopefully grow as you invite fellow believers to join us and as others discover the site through word of mouth and search engine capacities.

Our intent is to invite those of you who have a hankering to write, and those who have already published, to contribute to this site. We plan on featuring the material you have for sale by offering store pages where your material can be purchased (in the future). We can’t pay you ourselves for contributing so that is one small way we can assist you.

There is no one subject that we intend to focus on here. We are open to theological subjects, biblical interpretation issues, lifestyle issues and we HOPE a lot of contributions about what God is doing in your life and in the lives of those around us.

We hope you find this site useful. If you have comments or criticisms please offer them to us, but please do so in a spirit of love. Thank you.

Rick Weiss


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