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Feature: Peter Law Artist of Portland, Oregon

A native of Queensland, Australia, the son of a minister, Dr. Peter Law moved his family to America in 1982 in order to study at Western Seminary. The Law family headed home to Australia in 1985, only to be called back to America two years later. They landed on American soil on Valentine’s Day, 1987. […]

An Intimate Encounter with So:Loved

An Intimate Encounter with So:Loved We were recently introduced to the band So:Loved (thanks to Jackie of MonkeyDo Project) and they graciously agreed to set up an interview via Skype. The band consists of three members: Travis Birch, Jenny Slate Lee, and Liz Shea. During the previous three years the friends have led praise and […]

Feature: The Monkey Do Project

Feature: The Monkey Do Project The Monkey Do Project is a registered non-profit in the state of Indiana. Founder Jacqueline Wilson named the project based on her desire to see others DO something to help meet the needs in Appalachia. She wanted the non-profit to inspire residents to help Appalachian families. When “Monkey See, Monkey […]