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Give God all the Praise and Worship?

Lately, I hear people saying, “Give God all the praise and worship.” It’s sort of becoming a catchy phrase, I think. “God gets all of our praise and worship!” I’ve been pondering this and so I dug a little bit into what this statement implies. In Revelation 19:10 we see John falling down to worship […]

Does God Care if My House is Clean?

For seven years I have run an Online business. The Lord is leading me to let that go now, as He led me to shut down another business after seven years (back in 2014). I’ve been Online quite a bit during those seven years: writing, editing, managing clients, and assisting with marketing strategies. In that […]

Not a Substitute for the Local Church

Not a Substitute for the Local Church By Rick Weiss Believer’s Forum is an online community for Christians. Lest you think we consider this site to be a substitute for the local church, we do not! There is no substitute for the local church. We are strong advocates for the local church and believe it […]