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A Look at the Word “Repent”

I continued my research in Revelation tonight (8-16-2016) by looking at the word “repent.” I noticed that it was used again and again and I wanted to know what the word looked like in the original language (Greek). I found the word “repent” 12 times in my ESV translation. Each and every time it means […]

Lord, I’m sorry for being such a food jerk

During the last few months I have been growing more and more aware of the blessing of food. Just food. I’m not talking about having wonderful meals, delicious sauces, chocolate-dipped this or that. Just food. Period. I’m thankful to have it. I’ll be the first to admit that I jumped on board the “all things […]

If the music stopped, how would we Worship?

Co-written by Rick and Shara Weiss Shara shares: I love music. I love playing songs and singing songs. Music has been a big part of my life since early childhood. My father would play his piano or guitar while his daughters danced in the living room. As I got older the dancing ceased (I don’t […]

Thanks Lord, for the do-overs

The last several months have been a deep learning process for us. At times the process has hurt quite a bit but it’s been worth the training. I am writing this post with the hope of encouraging others who may desire a few do-overs. It seems to me that God likes do-overs, when possible. Sometimes […]

Our Moments of Darkness and Doubt

2013 and 2014 were powerful years for me. My faith was tested, mountain-top experiences were enjoyed, and valley moments were a-plenty. I read my Bible like never before, rested in the praises of hymns, and bowed down to my God in worship. The Lord moved us back to Oregon for family and ministry, I witnessed […]

Christmas Catastrophe

Christmas Catastrophe By Shara Weiss Yesterday, I clicked over to read an article titled Malls revamp perks to fight Christmas shopping trends. It begins: “All those gifts you buy online mean shopping centers are in a life-and-death battle for your holiday dollars.” While reading the article I began to ponder those who dwell in Syria, […]