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  • Ajluther posted an update in the group Group logo of New BelieversNew Believers 4 years, 8 months ago

    I just want to say it’s great to see that there are groups like this! I’ve been up and down in my faith for years, it just seams like I always hit that road block and can’t progress it further than that initial stage. I’ve tried countless times to try and not only read but understand the Bible. Although each and every time I fail so I then tried to go to church and can’t seem to find one that fits me. So I am very enthusiastic and eager to contribute connect with people with the same love in our Lord and Savior as I have and hopefully this is the next step in my growth as a Christian warrior.

    • Amen
      I felt the same way
      Was looking for others like
      But finding alot of worldly ppl
      I hope no I pray we receive Gods love at every turn to do his will in our life