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  • cgnewman posted an update in the group Group logo of Worship - the Meaning ofWorship – the Meaning of 4 years ago

    I haven’t understood worship as long as I have been a Christian . . . which is all my life and I’m 43. I understand you enter his presence with thanksgiving and praise. But, I’m unsure exactly what takes place during worship. I sometimes sing to the Lord and prayers are answered, but I’ve fully haven’t understood His presence, yet and what happens when it comes. I know miracles happen, but I haven’t always experienced miracles when his presence does come. Does anyone have any insight into this? thx.

    • @cgnewman I actually discussed your question with my brother to get some of his in put on this. I myself have struggled with it in the past. Here is his feedback 🙂 hope it answers some of your question. “People say come expectant when you pray or worship but my experience of it has been slightly different
      I do always expect God to surprise me when i least expect it. Because i know Gods timing and my timing isnt the same. I dont have the patience to wait when i wAnt something so i taught myself to drop my expectations of timing when i need Him or need something. Every time i needed Him he has shown up when i dropped my gaurd and wasn’t expecting anything
      By doing this i learned to enter prayer and worship without expecting God to sort of prove himself or give me something in return for my worship
       When I realized that i was created to worship, like a calculator is created to calculate, you realize that as a human being your heart will find something to place on a throne, even if its not God just so that void can be filled
      To understand Gods presence in a worship service starts with letting go of the stigma that he has to somehow owe you something for you to worship him. The best miracles, healings and tangible presence if God experiences that i have had was when i worshipped Him simply because He is God and this is my function
      The presence of God has several functions but mostly works to edify us, most notoriously if you have gone through a rough week being in yhe world you might feel like your bucket is empty and Gods presence will always work to fill us back up.
      This is why it is important to seek God not only once a week but throughout the week because most of our battles are fought while we are in the world and can’t be won without Him
      Understanding worship comes when you realuze that its not about a band and music but mostly about a lifestyle that draws Gods presence to us. Its from that place where we experience the renewing of the mind on a daily basis because i am living in that presence daily when every moment becomes an act of worship. Gods presence is complex and very simple at the same time. To understand it you need experience it and keep experiencing it not only in a service but mostly from a daily more personal perspective. Gods presence means God WITH us, as if He is a tangible person in the room. Its spending time with Him to get to know Him and practically experiencing whatever He decides to get upto… i don’t dictate what the people around me do or say, i may ask them to do something but if the entire conversation is about me asking for things it will be unpleasant to be with me. I need to think deeper than that to really experience God, how has His day been? How was my day, what would He like to talk about, what do i want to talk about? Does He want to know from my perspective what the kids hAve been upto at school or should i tell Him that my kids have a need or want for something?”