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Alpha, Omega

Alpha, Omega


Alpha, Omega

Eternity wrought

Sinners find mercy

Redemption is sought


Foot of the cross

Hail to the King

God’s final sacrifice

No more to bring


Look on the heart

See past the tears

View beyond flesh,

Anger and fears


God made a promise

A Covenant sealed

He promised Himself

It won’t be repealed


Grace over grace

The layers in place

Eye on The Prize

Finish the Race


Justice He’s seeking

Broken hearts mend

Jesus Messiah,

Redeemer and Friend


[Written in the Fall of 2014]

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Shara is a writer, social media marketer, content provider, and marketing consultant. In addition to the work she does alongside Rick, she has run since 2009. Shara has a background in education, early childhood, teaching, ministry, and volunteerism.

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