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The Wagon

BF-logo-sq-144Originally written to be used in a children’s book, the stanzas below are loosely based on the following passages: Genesis 3 and Philippians 4:19. Adam and Eve had all they needed in the garden yet when faced with the temptation of “more” Eve accepted the bait. One day, Jesus will restore His Kingdom and at that time, we will all have what we need, with many lessons having been learned along the way. Philippians 4:19 expresses the truth that God will supply all of our needs in Christ Jesus. The final line in the poem is based on Isaiah 11:6 … and a little child shall lead them.

Written by Shara Weiss on January 18, 2015


The people of St. Wesley

They had a special wagon

Its structure firm and steady

A wagon built to last.


Vegetables it carried

Fruit was piled up high

Hay could stack in nicely

Morning, noon, and night


Everything they needed

This wagon could provide

In and out of seasons

The wagon would abide


Things began to change

One chilly afternoon

When rolling into town

They saw a King’s platoon


“Look!” They each did whisper

“He’s better than the rest!”

“His wagon, it is splendid –

His wagon is the best!”


Soon the town was talking

Their chatter was a-buzz

They put their minds together

Not a moment did they pause


Now they had a wagon

Worthy of a King

Covered in bright jewels

Sparkling with bling


Soon the town was talking

Day and night, it seemed

Each of us should have one!”

“A wagon of our dreams!”


Placed inside a barn,

The simple wagon sat

Silent and forgotten

That. Was. That.


Rumors then caught fire

“He has more than me!

She has brighter jewels!

No – this cannot be!”


Friendships, they were shaken

Anger did abound

No one was at peace

Joy could not be found


On a sunny morning

A little child spoke up:

“We had all that we needed.

It really was enough.”

Philippians 4:19 | And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

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