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Revive Us

Revive Us

By Shara Weiss

Father, Break our spirits and crush our hearts. Bring us to our knees in sincere repentance: a genuine turning of mind. Give us the strength to be weak. Strip away our need to have the answers to incomprehensible things. In brokenness we cry out for You. We cry out for Your mercy. Hear us, Oh Lord, and fill us with Your truth – Your grace – Your peace. Fill us with power and courage, wisdom and LOVE.

Let us see others as You see them. Allow us to glimpse inside hurting hearts so that we may pour Your LOVE into the souls of the bruised. Let us go on no longer with apathetic minds, selfish motives, and self serving voices.

Holy Spirit, we want to move when You move, stand still when You stand still, sing when You sing, and LOVE with fire and fury when You burn within us…for the Lost.

Let us be the Bride worthy of her Groom. Let us be the Body worthy of the Head. Let us be the Branches worthy of the Vine. Let us be the New Jerusalem worthy of her King. Let us be the Temple worthy of our High Priest.

Teach us how to show the world who You really are.

Revive us.


[May 30, 2014]

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Shara is a writer, social media marketer, content provider, and marketing consultant. In addition to the work she does alongside Rick, she has run since 2009. Shara has a background in education, early childhood, teaching, ministry, and volunteerism.

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