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Truck’n Along (Testimony)

Truck’n Along (Testimony)

By Shara Weiss

[Written July of 2014]

Rick and I wanted to move from Arizona to Oregon, months ago. However, the Lord kept us in Arizona to learn and train for ministry. We had saved up a good portion of money already (a miracle, in and of itself, with four kids!), and a friend of ours had donated a large sum to us (after the Lord moved on her heart to do so). We had a decent bit of money but we needed about $3,000 more. We had one large item to sell – our truck. One day Rick told me, “I think we should put this in the Lord’s hands. Let God sell it in His timing, okay?” I agreed. I have a tendency to be a little rash and impulsive and God has been teaching me to pull back, wait, and move when the Holy Spirit moves me. We listed the truck and prayed that it would sell.

It didn’t sell. Three people tried to scam us, three more people agreed to come and look at the truck and never showed up…and more. It was a rough three months for us, as our faith wavered a bit. Had we heard God incorrectly? Were we not going to Oregon to do ministry, after-all?

One Monday, I had a very trying day. From tripping on things, my Christian radio station going out, our kids being out of control, and Rick accidentally breaking his phone…I needed prayer. I went into church for prayer and a woman prayed over me, saying that everything was just about ready. We’d be moving soon and it would all fall right into place. I wanted to believe her!

Walking by Faith and not by Sight

That night the Lord impressed upon my heart, “Ask to give a testimony at church this weekend, please.” I emailed the pastor and the next day he let Rick know that we could go ahead with a testimony that following weekend in church. I knew what God wanted here: for me to have FAITH. He wanted me to believe that what the woman prayed over me was real and true. He wanted me to agree to share a testimony even before the prayer words had come to pass.

That day (Tuesday) I said, “Rick, I believe we are supposed to fast and pray tomorrow, about the sale of the truck.” We agreed to do that, together, and by 6pm on the day of our fasting the truck had a buyer. Two days later the deal was done and we had the $3,200 in hand.

To recap:

  • Monday, June 23: Received prayer that all would fall into place. Asked to share a testimony that night, for the following weekend, before everything HAD fallen into place.
  • Tuesday, June 24: Fasted and prayed and the truck had a buyer by 6pm.
  • Thursday, June 26: The truck officially sold and the money was secured for our move.

It Comes Full Circle

The truck officially sold on Thursday June 26th. This is significant because a friend of mine came back into my life on June 26th of 2013. At that time, everything changed in our lives and the Lord called Rick and I to ministry and to a new life back in Oregon, near my family. The truck sold exactly 12 months from the date that this all began for us.

Confirmation is an amazing gift, isn’t it? We begin in faith, with absolutely no confirmation at all and then BAM! God rains down the confirmations from the heavens, assuring us that our listening ears were hearing correctly. Thank you, God!

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Shara is a writer, social media marketer, content provider, and marketing consultant. In addition to the work she does alongside Rick, she has run since 2009. Shara has a background in education, early childhood, teaching, ministry, and volunteerism.

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