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Lord, I’m sorry for being such a food jerk

BF-logo-sq-144During the last few months I have been growing more and more aware of the blessing of food. Just food. I’m not talking about having wonderful meals, delicious sauces, chocolate-dipped this or that. Just food. Period. I’m thankful to have it.

I’ll be the first to admit that I jumped on board the “all things organic” train for a short while. After reading countless articles about the horrors of modern day food, I was a tad bit freaked out. I continue to be cautious about what we eat as a family, knowing that our bodies are the Living Temples of God. That’s an important thing to remember before shoveling candy into your mouth day after day or guzzling vodka tonics after work, right?

While we did cut out food coloring and processed foods from our family diet (because eating fake foods will do damage to the brain and organs) and we heavily limit our sugar intake, I’ve taken a step back to review my thought patterns in regard to food.

Not long ago, I was standing in my kitchen thinking about food and wanting to be picky about what I ate. I heard God whisper to my heart: “Do you have any idea what people in other nations would give to have what you have?” The choices we have are extreme and unlimited. He whispered to my heart (paraphrasing), “People in poor nations would love to drink your milk, eat your meats, taste your cheeses, and have your deserts. You get more than one meal per day, too! They would love that. Please stop being so picky about your food and be happy that you have it.”

Ack. Lord, I’m sorry for being such a food jerk! Here I stand, wondering if my organic crackers are good enough while children are dying in the streets after eating tainted meats from a back alley butcher shop in India.

What a jerk. A serious, serious jerk.

I am currently hyper-aware of my food and drink intake, taking a moment to thank God for everything that goes into my mouth, all day long. “Thank you for this drink of clean water. Thank you for this glass of fresh milk. Thank you for this piece of fish. Thank you for this salad with fresh clean greens.”

God is teaching me to re-direct my thinking so that I’m grateful and thankful for everything I have, knowing that it’s a blessing just to have it.


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