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Worship is NOT Singing!

On the wall in the church we attend there is a poster that begins: “Worship is not Just Singing.”

If it wasn’t such an issue for us, we would laugh. But the reality is – we believe this is a big issue in the church today.

It has become as common as dirt to hear people reference singing and worship as synonymous. The reality is, worship is not about more than singing, it is not about singing at all!

This section of Believer’s Forum is about this subject. We will examine the true meaning of worship, looking at the original words from scripture. We will examine the common usage today and look at why the issue is an important one.

We encourage dialogue. It is time to get the church back to a proper understanding of this very important biblical word.

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Rick served as a pastor in three different churches for a period of 14 years. Since 1997 he has operated his own business (Design Media Pros) offering web services, development, consulting, print production and graphics. In 2010 Rick and Shara combined their talents to start Weiss Business Solutions. Rick seeks to combine his ministry heart with his web experiences. Believer's Forum is the beginning of that dream.

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